Window automat Weinig – Angle combination for windows and doors UC 10/6

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Window automat Weinig 
Angle combination for windows and doors
type: UC 10/6
year of manufacture: 1994

cross wise wood working spindle with 7 x lift
(7 tools top of each other for IV 68)
length wise wood working with 3 spindles: 2 spindles with 3 x lift and
1 spindle with 2 x lift
Screen control for individual programs like custom made windows and series production
fence arm tiltable for angular window working
IV 68 Leitz (Dufix)
with extension set for wing 78 mm / frame IV 68
IV 68 with rung profile (carnal arch at the glass rebate)
IV 78 Zuani (for weather bar and rain rail)
with extension set for IV 90 (Zuani)
with extension set for wood-aluminium windows
(alu schell as glass holder outside from Zuani)
Weight 4.700 kg

Price net 9.500,- EURO