Veneer glueing machine Kuper FW/L 920

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Veneer glueing machine Kuper
type: FW/L 920
machine-no. 3807/0055
year of manufacture: 1998


Glue application in lengthwise throughfeed at the edges of the veneer sheets and joining of the veneer by disc system. In a second step application of the Kuper glue thread.

arm length 920 mm
min. veneer sheet length 400 mm
min. width of veneer pieces 40 mm
veneer thickness approx. 0,4 – 1,5 mm
infeed speed 15 m/min.
working height 950 mm
overall input power 2,5 kW
middle energy consumption 2,2 kW
throughfeed drive 0,55 kW
thread heating III/K 0,16 kW
air nozzle heating 0,2 kW
operating voltage 400 V, 3Ph, 50 Hz, 16 A
compressed air connection R 3/8
compressed air 5,5 bar
compressed air consumption 300 NL/min.
glue: PVAc-glue (fast hardening, groove filling white glue)
and veneer thread
net weight 850 kg
space need L 1,02 m x W 1,7 m x H 1,6 m