Multi rip saw Paul K 34-O/800 GL

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Multi rip saw Paul
type: K 34-O/800 GL
year of manufacture: 2006 CE

working width 800 mm
cutting height max. 55 mm
saw spindle diameter 60 mm
saw motor 75 kW
input power 81 kW, 150 A
saw spindle turning speed 4500 rpm
sawblade diameter max. 240 mm
wood infeed length 350 mm – 1600 mm
with laser directional light
transport band at the infeed side
throw out unit and transport track at the outfeed side
vibration transport band for wood dust under the saw
synchronous mode machine
the machine is in very good condition

now are sawblades with a diameter of 210 mm on the machine,
with this sawblades the following size can be cut:
wood thickness 26 mm – 50 mm
wood strip width 5 – 50 mm or more big depending on the distance between the sawblades

The complete line is in full functioning condition, incl. all control cabinets, approx. 6 saw spindles, distance rings diameter 80 and 90 mm, sawblades 210 mm diameter and machine documentation.

Way of working:
The operator positions the wood board on a transport track, aligns it there with the laser directional light and the board runs automatic into the multi rip saw.
The multi rip saw has a 75 kW motor and can cut with the now existing sawblades of 210 mm a wood thickness of 26 – 50 mm and a length of
350 mm – 1600 mm.
Other wood dimensions can be cut with a different number of sawblades and another sawblade diameter.

After the board did run through the multi rip saw it reaches into a intermediate section where the board is separated from residue and wood dust. This intermediate section is necessary because the machine works in
synchronous mode. The wood dust falls down on a vibration transport track. The wood board will be transported to the outfeed side where it can be taken by hand or transported into another line.