Four side planer Kupfermühle VUIN

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Four side planer Kupfermühle Type: VUIN


with second top knife block with join planer planing width 605 mm planing height horizontal 200 mm planing height 4 vertical 85 mm all planer blocks with 4 knifes number of planer blocks 6 arrangement of spindles: 1. Join planer 4 kW 2. Planer spindle bottom 7,5 kW 3. Planer spindle top 7,5 kW 4. Planer spindle top 7,5 kW 5. Planer spindle left 4 kW 6. Planer spindle right 4 kW infeed speed 7,9,11,5,14,18,23 m/min. electric height adjustment outfeed fence driven outfeed chain with pressure from top at the right side working thickness minimum 3 mm shortest part length to run through as a single piece 350 mm shortest part length to run through piece after piece 150 mm all transport rolls are driven weight approx. ca. 2900 kg

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