Edge bander Holz-Her type 1317-1 -Front router

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Edge bander Holz-Her
type 1317-1

test run

year of manufacture 2005

-Front router 2 x 2,0 kW motors
to rout edges of panel formed workpieces
-Edge material infeed fully automatic for roll and strip material
-Glue application system with cartridge 1906 heating time 3,5 minutes
for the use of EVA- PUR glue
-3 pressure rolls
-clipping saw, clean result also for solid edges
-multi funktion unit for flush and radius and chamfer routing
-spoke shave for cleaning of radius and chamfer edges on plastic edges
-copying router for copying of vertical front- and back edge
-area spoke shave
-polishing wheels for a clean finish
-with spraying facility for release agent

workpiece thickness min. 6 mm – max. 45 mm
veneer height max. 51 mm
veneer thickness max. 5 mm
strip length min. 350 mm
workpiece length min. 180 mm
infeed speed max. 8 m/min.
compressed air supply 6 bar
SPS screen control
machine length overall 5350 mm