Window production line OKOMA SOLD

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Window production line OKOMA
year of manufacture: Approx. 1985

for the production of window parts with unlimited length
way of working:
routing of end 1, routing of end 2
left long side profile routing, right long side profile routing
quality control and drilling for window fittings

incl. approx. 100 Leitz Profilcut-window tools IV 68/IV 78 for wood and wood-aluminium windows. Also with many spare knifes.
(price for the new tools was approx. 300.000 – 400.000 EURO)
area need for the complete line approx. 20 x 30 meter
capacity approx. 1000 frame parts / 250 windows per 8 hour shift
10 years ago a new Siemens S5/S7 control was added into the machine line. (Support by company Aaltronic in Aalen)
By this S5/S7 control the machine can be controlled with a xml-file by any commercially available window construction software.

In the line implemented is also a Stegherr Drilling and Hingeband boring machine for window fittings.

The complete line is electrically connected and is still producing windows.

The machine line is available at short time notice.