Spindle with sliding table

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Spindle with sliding table
year of manufacture: 1988

router spindle with upper bearing
spindle right and left run
1 router spindle with two spindle diameters (see photos)
lower spindle part diameter 40 mm, tool clamping length up to 35 mm
upper spindle part diameter 30 mm, tool clamping length up to 170 mm
height adjustment of the router spindle120 mm
table opening diameter max. 180 mm
motor power 3 / 3,8 kW
spindle speed 3000/4500/6000/9000 rpm
table size 1100 mm x 950 mm
fence fine adjustable
diameter of the connection for dust suction pipe 120 mm, with suction pipe
with sliding table length 1100 mm, position can be fixed
spindle brake mechanic

overall size:
L 1400 mm x W 1200 mm x H 1450 mm
weight of machine: 930 kg

Price ex warehouse 2.200,- EURO

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