Sash-assembly-centre Ruchser SOLD

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Sash-assembly-centre Ruchser
with double glass-ledges-saw 45° type RU-GL-BM
type: RU-BM-3000E-PS
year of manufacture: 1999

For a rational manufacture on economic principles.

Double mitre saw 45° with length scanning type RU-GL
Hinge storage RU-BL-30/30 mounted on top of the table
with pistole screw unit with manual feed, with screw magazin
and automatic screw supply and troque cut off.
Scanning for hardware punching unit for effective shortening of fittings, pneumatic clamping unit.
With double unit to hold sealing rolls type RU-DH-BL

overall length 3400 mm
overall width 2000 mm
length of the work platform 3000 mm
width of the workplatform 1400 mm
height oft he hinge storage 2100 mm