Heating boiler Nolting type NRK 131

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Heating boiler Nolting
type NRK 131
year of manufacture 1995

capacity 149 kW (128.000 kcal/h)
automatic firing
the boiler was used for 80% spruce/pine, 10% mahagoni, 5% oak, 5% other kinds of wood

SPS Control Nolting System OXICOM-pakt, with integrated o2 control with measureing point in the exhaust pipe

Cyclone dust separator model EZA 131 with exhaust gas thermostat, monitoring switch, dust ton

Stoker screw with drive and fire extinguishing facility

Cellular wheel screw ZRS10

Firing retort with burning air fan

Water heating boiler DIN 4751 with maximum allowable flow temperatur e of 95 degrees and operating pressure of max. 3 bar

If buyer dismantles the boiler the bunker discharge is included.

Price net 8.500,- EURO