Edge sander HAPFO BSM

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Edge sander HAPFO
Universal Band sanding machine for curves and edges
type BSM
machine-no. 8399
year of manufacture: 1985

Curve sanding unit with 4 sanding rolls on a turnable cross
sanding roll diameter 30, 60, 90 and 120 mm
size of the sanding table for curves 650 x 500 mm
size of the sanding back wall 930 mm x 240 mm
sanding unit tiltable by 20° to the front and by 90° for horizontal sanding
front worktable size 940 mm x 300 mm with angle fence
bach worktable size 800 mm x 250 mm
all table heights are variable
sanding band length 2600 mm
sanding band width max. 200 mm
sanding band oscillating
sanding shoe for veneer edges
motor 2,4 / 3,0 kW
connection diameter for dust suction pipe 140 mm
machine is mobile on rolls

weight 460 kg
machine size: L 2000 mm x W 950 mm x H 1150 mm

Price 3.800,- EURO