Complete size cutting line Paul 20

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Multi rip saw Paul BK 34/800
Complete size cutting line with cross cut saw Paul 20 E,
Dividing saw Paul BK 34/800, Multi rip saw BK 34/800
Year of manufacture: 1992

-Chain transporter with lifting platform
-Cross cut saw Paul, type 20 E, 14 kW
-Roller track
-Transport band with sorting roll
-Throw out station for short pieces
-Transport band with centering facility
-Dividing saw Paul, type BK 34/800, 25 kW
-Cross measuring line Paul type AKA
-Multi rip saw Paul, type BK 34/800, 75 kW
-Safety channel
-Sorting band for manual sorting
-stacking station
-synchronous run machine
hydraulic pump 11 kW and other units 15 kW

The line is completely in good working condition, incl. control cabinets, aprox. 6 saw spindles with saws, distance rings, and full documentation

The line was used to cutting hardwood with the following sizes:
Wood thickness 26 mm – 42 mm
Infeed length at the cross cut saw 2500 – 5000 mm
Working Length Dividing saw/Multi rip saw 350 – 1000 mm
Strip width 6 – 30 mm depending on the number of sawblades on the sawspindle

Working process:
Start material: Beechwood 42 mm thickness dried to 8 %
The operator lays the board on the roller track and the roller track transports the wooden board to the cross cut saw. The control is programmed with one main length and several
short sizes.

On this line length from 350 mm to 1000 mm can be cut.
After the board is shortened it runs on a transport band to a roller track.
Between transport band and roller track is a mangel roll to sort out short piece for burning wood. After the mangel roll is a throw out station.

The main length are running into the dividing saw with the centering unit.
After the centering unit the wooden boards are divided in the middle by the dividing saw. This production step avoids blockage of bend boards in the multi rip saw.
Another advantage is the possibility to cut exactly along the tree edge of the board and the loss of narrowest board strip is now in center of the board.
After the dividing saw the half board is transported on chain strings into the multi rip saw. During this transport the board runs below some measuring skids. This measuring skids determine the tree edge of the boards and by the separate adjusting chain strings
the board is aligned in a way that it runs directly along the tree edge of the board into the multi rip saw.
The mulit rip saw has a motor of 75 kW and can cut a thickness from 26 to 42 mm and length from 350 mm up to 1000 mm in strips from 8 mm to 25 mm depending
on the equipment of the sawspindle.
After the multiripsaw the wooden strips run on a transort band into a safety channel and from there they run on a chain transport on a sorting band where a worker does a
quality sorting. After this band the wooden strips are stacked automatic by a chain transport into transport racks.


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