Throughfeed press line Wild Optima

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Throughfeed press line Wild
type: Optima
year of manufacture: 1992
with infeed band and destacker

At the infeed side:
Veneer laying table with 3 shelfs for veneer
L 3600 mm x W 1350 mm

Infeed band type: PB/F II 3000
with lifting facility to feed the 2 floors of the press
type: PB/F II 3000
L 4000 mm x W1350 mm
2 transport bands each 650 mm wide each with drive and moveable to the side
to feed the press in 2 rows

Throughfeed press Wild
type: Optima 2 x 1
pressing plate size L 3600 mm x W 1400 mm
4 pressing plates = 2 floors
thickness of the pressing plates 90 mm, solid steel plates with drilled water pipes inside
opening height of one floor approx. 100 mm
number of hydraulic pistons 2 x 6 pistons
overall pressure per floor approx. 200 to.
area pressure approx. 3,5 – 4 kg/cm²
throughfeed transport on mylarfoil
heated with hot water, for connection to a hot water supply
optional the press can be heated by thermo oil
hydraulic unit Hydropa 5,5 kW, pmax. 50/300/300 bar

At the outfeed side:
Portal type destacker Wild Type PSG 3, scissor version
outfeed roller track with lifting facility
size L 3800 mm x W 1350 mm
max. stacking height from the floor 1600 mm

Complete with switch cabinet, control board with Siemens SPS
Pumps for hot water and protection fence.

To operate the complete press line is only 1 worker necessary.
2 rows of furniture panels can be produced at the same time.