Edge sander Holzkraft –new- type KSO 1500 Set

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Edge sander Holzkraft –new-
type KSO 1500 Set

sanding band size 2270 x 150 mm
sanding area 770 mm x 150 mm
sanding band speed 16 m/sec.
sanding band oscillating

stepless tiltable sanding unit (0-90°) for vertical and horizontal sanding
with locking possibility at 0°/22,5°/ 45°/67,5°/90°
oscillating sanding band for better sanding results and a longer lasting sanding band
fast and easy sanding band change by fast clamping system
sanding band wall with graphite cover
including sanding sleeve facility to sanding round parts and radius
inclding stepless adjustable mitre fence
two dust suction connections Ø 100 mm
easy adjustment of table heigth be spring bearing

weight 162 kg
overall size 1350 mm x 585 mm x 1210 mm