Hammer handle router / Profiled stick router Cosma RF 6

Hammer handle router / Profiled stick router Cosma
model RF 6

For economic production of straight axis profiled sticks from round,
any oval or square diameter.
Also workpieces of 2 different diameters can be produced
with gradually transition
to round circle at the other end.
The sticks can be cylindric (prismatic), conical or profiled.

Disctance between the centers 600 mm
pneumatic claming of the workpiece
capacity approx. 300 – 600 pieces per hour
motor turning speed 2800 rpm
motor details 220 – 380 V/2,2 kW
weight approx. 300 kg
now is the machine equipped with profiled knifes
there are also 6 straight knifes coming with the machine

Working examples:
Round of oval hammer handles straight or routed in form /
ladder spoke / wheel radius arms / chair legs square or round /
tool handles / Wide brush handles / cleaning brush handles /
conical dowels / wood nails