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Turning automat Hempel with magazin VKH-10

Turning automat Hempel with magazin
type: VKH-10

Fully automatic machine with magazin for the effective production of bigger parts like candle holder, balls, barrels, cans
from wood.

max. turning diameter 100 mm
max. turning diameter for balls 70 mm
max. turning length 120 mm
magazin for parts up to 800 mm length
jig turning unit
fully automatic way of working

spindle motor 7,56 kW 2800 rpm, with v-belt disc
hydraulic motor 2,27 kW 1400 rpm
1 stepless gearmotor 0,57 kW

Capacity is stepless variable from 180 to 800 pieces per hour.
The machine is in a good condition, can immediately start to work again.

weight approx. 1420 kg