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Steam boiler Polzenith

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Steam boiler Polzenith – Energy container
type: HO/R/ST
year of manufacture: 2001

Hot water boiler with steam generator on top
Suitable for humid wood chips and wood shavings
The wood chips run first through a drying channel which is located on top of the firebox.
capacity 800 – 1300 KW
contain 5,285 m³
operating temperature 120 °C
operating pressure 4 bar
test pressure 6 bar
this boiler was used to heat 6 drying chambers for wood
with chimney approx. 16 – 18 m height
complete inbuilt in a container basis area approx. 5 m x 12 m
Wood chip infeed and wood burning process is full automatic controlled.
(This container boiler was transported with 2 trailer trucks and built up within 1 day.)
Additional with the boiler comes 1 silo 8 m long x 4 m wide, for 80 – 100 m³ wood chips.

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