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Panel saw Steton SC303,2

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Panel saw Steton
Type SC303,2
machine-no. 94300/001
year of manufacture 1991

sliding table length 2550 mm
sawblade tiltable
with scoring sawblade

sliding table size 2550 mm x 380 mm
sawblade diameter max. 300 mm
scroing sawblade diameter 125 mm
max. cutting height 90 mm
cutting width right side of the sawblade 800 mm
sawblade tiltable 45°
with motor brake
main saw motor 4 kW
scoring saw motor 0,55 kW
turning speed of main saw spindle 4200 rpm
turning speed of scoring saw spindle 5600 rpm
diamter of saw spindle 30 mm
diameter of scoring saw spindle 20 mm
connection diameter for dust suction pipe 140 mm
sawblade speeds 2700 / 4000 / 5400 rpm
table on top of the sliding table with 2 folding fences
with table extension to the back
and table extension to the side

weight 900 kg
transport size: L 3200 mm x W 1700 mm x H 1300 mm


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