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Panel saw Holzma with feeding table Optimat HPL 380/38/16

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Panel saw Holzma with feeding table
type: Optimat HPL 380/38/16
year of manufacture: 2006

cutting length 3800 mm
lifting table size 3800 x 1600 mm
sawblade cutting height 95 mm
saw carriage speed forward direction 5 – 130 m/min.,
backward direction130 m/min.
program slide forward and backward direction 80 m/min.
control Power Control, IPC
operators software Cadmatic 4.0
operating system Windows XP
screen 17-toll flat display
modem analog
angle pressure facility pressure width min. 9 mm – max. 3800 mm
main saw motor 13,5 kW
scoring saw motor 2,2 kW
electr. input power 23 kW
main sawblade size 380 x 4,8 x 60 mm
scoring sawblade size 180 x 4,8 – 5,8 x 45 mm
panel size for feeding by lifting table max. 3710 x 1600 mm,
min. 1120 x 400 mm
stacking height lifting table if standing on floor level max. 580 mm,
if standing below floor level in a pit max. 780 mm
max. load for lifting table max. 4 to.
7 clamps the first 3 with 2 fingers and all others with one finger distance between clamps 75/275/475/1050/1500/2300/3100 mm
front air pillow table 2160 x 650 mm 3 tables
feeding unit with integrated electromagnetic, touchless measureing system for feeding of thin panels of min. 6 mm.
Minimizing of the infeed time due to micro infeeds at the front side oft he program slide. Not reverse necessary.

Plywood hold down system for pressure beam.
System to place especially wavy panel material (for example plywood)
collision free under the pressure beam.

Air pillow table with ball rolls for very wavy material and plaster boards.

CAD-PLAN Cadmatic 4.0, fully networkable.
Cutting optimization program, input of max. 99 positions and max.
15 different start formats.
Display of cutting plan in moving process graphic (2-D/3-D).

Right side machine.
Machine was working in a 1 shift production.

This panel saw was regularly serviced and is in a very good condition.