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Guillotine Diemer ASC 100-80 LP year of manufacture 2013 Very few operating hours

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Guillotine Diemer
type: ASC 100-80 LP
year of manufacture: 2013
Very few operating hours, machine is like new!
throughfeed width 1000 mm
throughfeed height 800 mm
2,5 lifts per minute
Hydraulic motor 11 kW 3~PE 400VAC 50Hz
max. operating pressure 160 bar
Shear system with precision knife guidance, enhanced pillar guidance,
knife guidance from the side and adjustment for short length by operating time.
Hydraulic system complete with switches and appliances in the upper part oft he machine head, incl. 300 ltr. Oil container with display of filling level and temperature.
Control electronic S7 300
Machine cover in protective version of strong dimensioned metal sheet.
In the machine cover is a big opening door with electric lock for service and knife change.

Vibro transport track DS 1000
12.000 mm long transport track
1000 mm inside width
approx.1670 mm construction height
800 mm inside depth
motor 7,5 kW, 3~PE 400VAC 50Hz
transport track of 6 mm steel sheet
metal free zone for metal detector as tunnel made from plywood

Metal detector type TU 1300×900
Sensor with divisible search coil for assembling on a transport band
From stainless steel, detection width x height: 1300 x 900 mm, IP67
SHARK-1-control unit type W380, HQ-flash light Xenon red, multi sound signal 24VDC
Measuring tunnel 2,7m long, strong plywood construction

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