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Filter plant JKF

Maschine-number: 8312 Category:

Filter plant JKF
year of manufacture approx. 1999

overall size approx.:
Length 4350 mm
Width 2200 mm
Height 5500 mm (upper part with filter hoses 3300 mm + lower part with
cellular screw transport 2200 mm)
fitler area 420 m²
volume flow 42390 m³/h
filter material Polyester-needlefelt (was renewed approx. 4 years ago)
automatic shake off – filter cleaning
dry fire extinguishing pipe
1 exhauster bue Höcker Polytechnik, 18,5 kW/21,3 kW
1 exhauster silver Turbowerke Meissen 33,2 kW
both exhauster with warm air return unit
cellular wheel screw JKF was renewed in 2018
good working condition