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Maschine-number: 8552 Categories: , Info: ,

type: RECORD 220
year of manufacture: 1999

movie of machine in the production
movie of tool changer

work area / work dimensions max.
X 3250 mm
Y 1300 mm
Z 300 mm
throughfeed height table surface / tool clamp edge 320 mm
size of the worktable 3120 mm x 1200 mm
max. panel size 3250 mm x 1550 mm
vacuum tool clamping system
vacuum pump capacity 100 m³/h
motor of vacuum pump 3 kW
drive speed fast X-Y-axis 45 m/min.
drive speed fast Z-axis 25 m/min.
control system NUM 1060
tool chuck ISO= 30
main spindle motor 7,5 kW
angle gear VECTOR-axis 0-360° turnable
automatic tool changer for 10 tools
diameter of dust suction connection 150 mm
incl. tool chucks
without clamping sleeves and without tools

transport size of machine:
L 4500 mm x W 2200 mm x H 2500 mm
+ switch cabinet approx. L 1200 mm x B 800 mm x H 2100 mm
weight machine: 7200 kg
switch cabinet: approx. 300 kg
with transport bracket for secure transport of the machine
with Operatos manual and CE conformity declaration
Machine can be seen in operation until 11/2020

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