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Automatic Milling Machine with Sanding Machine Hempel FS 40

Automatic Milling Machine with Sanding Machine Hempel
type: FS 40

Milling diameter max. 70 mm
Working length 140 bis 400 mm
motor 5,5 hp ; 2800 rpm
special motor 0,35 hp infinitely variable motor
hydraulic motor 2,0 hp
1 router on the machine
The output depends on the shape and the workpiece and varies between
200 – 300 pieces per hour.

Work run:
1. Automatic clamping of the workpiece
2. Router is routing by camshaft along a model
3. The workpiece runs over a chain track to he sanding machine.
4. Automatic clamping and automatic sanding of the workpiece

The machine is particularly useful for the production of parts such as chair or table legs with a circular, oval, square, triangular or irregular cross-section.
Tapered parts can be made with two different cross sections, for instance, square at one end and round at the other. It is also possible to mill such shapes as the tenons required for ferruling.
The milling spindle has spiral type cutters which provide a very clean cut.
The machine is hopper-fed and fully automatic. Components are loaded into the hopper by hand. All other operations, such as centering, clamping, milling and ejecting the finished work, are automatic.
The sensing and transmission of the shape is done hydraulically according to the cross-section by means of two independent cams.

Net weight approx. 1400 kg

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